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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


I am excited to announce that we have achieved significant improvements to the Flexera One ITAM UI response times through a series of updates that were deployed throughout Q3 2023, including the September/October Flexera One ITAM update.

Our focus on reducing the time-to-value has led us to identify specific operations that were taking longer than necessary when updating inventory devices, assets, or licenses. This was done through system monitoring and feedback from our valued customers and partners.

As a result of these efforts, the 95th percentile response times for targeted operations with high business logic and automation have been decreased by 57%, with a maximum decrease of 64%.

Here is a list of key pages and operations that have had improvements made in addition to other area:

  1. Inventory device update
  2. Asset update
  3. license updates

What is next

Our aim is to ensure our customers/partners get best possible response time without losing the benefits of business logic and automation required to take care of the wide range of data driving the complex licensing scenarios that is the heart of what Flexera One ITAM is all about.

FlexNet Manager Suite users will also benefit from these improvements made in the Flexera One ITAM UIs once they upgrade to the upcoming FlexNet Manager Suite 2023 R2 release (Planned to be released in 2023 Q4).