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Why is FUSE required with FNP install_fnp.sh on Linux?

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SummaryWhy is FUSE required with FNP install_fnp.sh on Linux?QuestionWe noticed that the FNP install_fnp.sh script on Linux errors out if FUSE support is not detected. Have the requirements here changed between 11.13.0 and 11.14.1...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Do dongles make external website calls?

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SummaryDetecting HASP or WIBU flexid may take more than 30 seconds per requestQuestionWe're using FNP 2016 R2 SP1 on Windows and run our software in a closed network environment behind a restrictive firewall. We noticed that, under certain circumstan...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Does FlexNet Publisher support Visual Studio 2017?

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QuestionDoes FlexNet Publisher support Visual Studio 2017?AnswerFrom FNP v11.14.1.1, Visual Studio 2017 is supported.Below is copied from Release Notes.== UpdatesWindowsThe FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit for Windows now suppor...
by Flexera mge Flexera

Linux Linking Errors

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SummaryLinux Linking ErrorsSynopsisWhen linking the application, the following error is seen: ../LINUX/int_lib/liblmgr.a(l_unixmt.o)(.text+0x1cc): In function `l_mt_heartbeat':: undefined reference to `pthread_create'../LINUX/int_lib/liblmgr.a(l_u...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager