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Why is FUSE required with FNP on Linux?

Why is FUSE required with FNP on Linux?


Why is FUSE required with FNP on Linux?


We noticed that the FNP script on Linux errors out if FUSE support is not detected. Have the requirements here changed between 11.13.0 and It appears that licensing works with and without FUSE on both versions.


The FUSE component, which is typically present on supported RHEL and SLES distributions, has provided Activation Secure File Anchors since FNP 11.11.1. (Some customers have managed to run Activation applications with them, but it's not recommended.)

FNP 11.14.1 introduced the FNP Licensing Service Daemon (see Release Notes) to provide fast access to VM detection results and potentially, in the future, other system related information. It is now a requirement that the FUSE subsystem is installed and correctly running on the host machine in order to run the FNP Licensing Service daemon. FNP's script was modified to notify if it isn't to help enforce this new requirement.

Additional Information

To install FUSE onto an RHEL/Centos machine, run the following command as root (or with sudo):
$ yum install fuse-devel fuse-libs fuse gvfs-fuse

For SLES the command will be:
$ apt-get install fuse-devel fuse-libs fuse gvfs-fuse

On older RHEL & SLES systems, you might also need to run (as root/sudo):
$ modprobe fuse
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It looks like your instructions for SLES are actually ubuntu instructions.

Update for "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3":

% sudo zypper in fuse

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