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FlexNet Publisher Release History

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This article documents the FlexNet Publisher Licensing release highlights introduced each year, starting from 2008 to present: Release Description 2024 (11.19.x) Introduced Ecomms Between Secure Utilites and Vendor Daemon Support for MacOS14...
by Revenera Community Admin cvirata Revenera Community Admin

lm_new.obj Is Missing After Build

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SummaryThis article will explain what to do if 'lm_new.obj' is missing after building the Flexnet Publisher (FNP) toolkit.SynopsisIf building the FNP toolkit and the 'lm_new.obj' doesn't seem to have been created then a 'veryclean' can be performed a...
by Revenera jmcmillan Revenera

Alternate/Similar to FLEXLM_TIMEOUT

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SummaryWhat are the alternatives/similar alternatives to FLEXLM_TIMEOUT?SynopsisWhat are the alternatives/similar alternatives to FLEXLM_TIMEOUT?DiscussionThe only similar alternative to FLEXLM_TIMEOUT is LM_A_CONN_TIMEOUT, which is an attribute set ...
by Revenera dgalloway Revenera

License Pooling and FEATURE Lines

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SummaryWhen attempting to ensure that two 'license' lines differ in some way to ensure that the total count is pooled rather than just the last element count been used, it is necessary, according to the documentation, to ensure that one of the follow...
by Revenera jmcmillan Revenera

Using lmremove With Lingered Licenses

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SummaryThe lmremove functionality does not terminate lingered licenses.SynopsisIt has been noted that the lmremove functionality, whether implemented via an API call or the lmremove (lmutil) utility does not free lingered licenses.DiscussionThat woul...
by dhumphreys Level 5

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