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Using the RESERVE keyword with multiple licensing pools in the license file.

Using the RESERVE keyword with multiple licensing pools in the license file.


Using the RESERVE keyword with multiple licensing pools in the license file.


When there is more than one licensing pool for a given feature, such as having multiple INCREMENT lines, some confusion can occur when customers make use of the RESERVATION keyword within their options file. It is often reported that they are granted double the available reservations, and this is reported in the lmstat output.


If a license file similar to the one below...
INCREMENT group_lic flexera 1.0 28-mar-2011 12 SIGN=...
INCREMENT group_lic flexera 2.9 28-jun-2011 5 SIGN=...
Two license pools will be created for the licensed feature, group_lic. One for version 1.0 and one for version 2.9. If an options file is used with this license file and the RESERVATION option is set, as follows:
GROUP FLEXERA_USERS user1 user2 user3

Then this will effectively reserve 2 licenses from the first license pool (v1.0) and 2 licenses from the second license pool (v2.9)
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This article seems to suggest that when there are two activations for the same feature, then use of RESERVE for 2 licenses will result in the reservation of 4 licenses. In fact this is what we observe in our implementation using FlexNet 11.16.2


.opt defined as:

RESERVE 2 Feature_Name GROUP A

Result is 2 licenses are reserved for Joe from each activation for the given Feature_Name for total of 4 licenses reserved for Group A (Joe).

This article fails to discuss if this is by design nor is there any mention of an alternate workflow that might avoid doubling the number of reserved licenses.

If however, we modify the feature name to include a keyword=value to identify a specific activation id only the desired 2 activations are reserved as desired. The following worked for our vendor implementation to avoid doubling the number of reserved licenses.

RESERVE 2 Feature_Name:SIGN="1239 0FF9 68B0 59FB.." GROUP A

Indeed this syntax results in only 2 licenses being reserved for group A (Joe).  The problem then is that most client users only have the 42 character activation in hand and no specific information that might easily allow key word definitions as part of the feature.  It's too bad that entitlement=[activation id] can't be used to single out the correct activation id .

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