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When an inventory device hardware property that is not set through inventory is overridden through the web UI, the value of actual property field gets set rather than the overridden property field getting set.


This behavior can have a range of consequences, including:

  • If a value for the field is subsequently imported from inventory, the value that was previously entered to override any value imported from inventory is lost.
  • The value that is entered cannot be subsequently updated (including to reset the field to being unset) through the web UI. (However, it is possible to override the initial value that was entered.)

The Sockets field on an inventory device record is a particularly susceptible to this behavior as values for this field are typically not imported from an inventory source. The following steps illustrate one way that this issue can be reproduced:

  1. Open an inventory device record where the Sockets field is not currently set.
  2. Click the Override option on the Sockets field to attempt to override the value imported from inventory data.
  3. Enter a value and click Save.

At this point, the actual Sockets field is set to the value you specify; no overridden value is saved. There is no way through the web UI to subsequently update or remove the value that was entered. Clicking the Override option again and entering a new value will cause a value to be saved that overrides the initial value that was entered. However the initial value that was entered cannot be removed.

Fix status

This issue is still open but not currently scheduled to be addressed.

Other information

Affected components: Inventory, Web UI

Master issue ID: IOJ-1715227

Also known as: ITAM-1684

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