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Flexera Alumni

The next release of FlexNet Manager Suite for cloud customers has arrived. The 2019 R1.2 release is already available in our User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment and is rolling into production now.

This release includes the following features:

Java inventory also on UNIX-like platforms

On all supported UNIX-like platforms, the updated FlexNet inventory agent from version 2019 R1.2 (13.4.0) will collect additional inventory evidence for Java recognition. This is already supported on Microsoft Windows. Evidence is collected no matter if the installation used a platform-native installer package, such as RPM for Linux, or has simply been copied and archive into place on the device.

PVU peaks switch to end date

When FlexNet Manager Suite is in 'high-frequency' or 'PVU' mode, it is responsible for gathering inventory and calculating sub-capacity peak consumption values for the three mandatory IBM regions that may consume from an IBM PVU license. In this mode, if the peak consumption value for a region is sustained for more than a day, the peak date visible in management views and reports is now the end date of the peak – that is, the day of the last license consumption calculation that gave this value after which the regional consumption dropped.

FlexNet inventory agent unique identifier

To ensure that multiple devices with same domain name and computer name can now be distinguished from one another, the FlexNet inventory agent now creates a unique identifier on a device when it executes for the first time. This unique identifier, called the AgentID, is used when resolving the inventory data from a device to determine which computer record matches the inventory, rather than relying on the domain name and computer name.


For further information about these changes and to find a history of updates to FlexNet Manager Suite cloud edition, please refer to the Features by Release document in Flexera HelpNet.


If you are using the on-premise edition of FlexNet Manager Suite, these updates are under consideration for inclusion in the next release.


If you want to be notified of these kind of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the FlexNet Manager blog.

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