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This article addresses the issue of missing vendor daemons, license servers or features when editing or running a report. This typically occurs after updating the license.


After updating the license, you proceed to edit or run a report, and find there are missing vendor daemons, license servers or features.


When you register a new vendor daemon and begin to import report logs to monitor the daemon, because this is not on the license, FlexNet Manager 'stamps' on the report log that this is not licensed.

After you have updated the license, re-importing the report logs removes the stamp.


After updating the license, you need to re-import the report logs. Information on how to update your license is detailed under Editing License Files on page 51 of the 15.5 User Guide.

To test the resolution:

1. Download one report log (Reports > Report Logs) using the download feature.
2. Once downloaded, select it again and delete.
3. Now select Choose File and Import.
4. On the Reports tab, select Classic, select the report you were attempting to run and click Edit.
5. Select Next until you reach Step 2 (Feature Selection). Is the vendor daemon, license server or feature present?

If this is now resolved, follow the steps above for all report logs affected.

Additional Information

You may also see an alert in the Alerts or Summary tab stating: "Vendor Daemon Not Licensed". If not present, it can be configured from the Alerts tab to allow quicker detection.

Any report logs imported after the license was updated, will not need to be re-imported.
If there are no report logs listed then there will be no report data. This would then appear to be a rotation issue and the next step would be to look at the license server, to see if there's been a rotation.
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