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Customers may not see inventories from the VMs on AWS on the "All Inventory" page when AWS import is not used.


This issue shows the following symptoms:
1) Inventories from the VMs on AWS come into the ImportedComputer table, but not into ComplianceComputer table. Therefore, the inventories don't appear on the "All Inventory" page.
2)  The "IsTerminated" column has "1" in the ImportedMissingComputer table for the ComplianceComputerIDs which inventory records are missing.
3) The VMEnabledStateID shows "NULL" in the ImportedCloudServiceInstance table and it is not consistent with 2).

How to apply the patch

Fix patches are available for the following version:

For FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1: ""

For FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1: ""


There are 4 files in the .zip file.
1) DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Compliance.Importer.Procedures.ManageSoft.dll
2) Procedures\Reader\Amazon Web Services\Instance.xml
3) Procedures\Writer\CloudServiceInstance.xml
4) update.sql

On the batch server:
- Replace 1) with C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Compliance.Importer.Procedures.ManageSoft.dll
- Replace 2) with C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\Amazon Web Services\Instance.xml
- Replace 3) with C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Writer\CloudServiceInstance.xml
- Execute update.sql to update UpdateImportedCloudServiceInstanceTable stored procedure

Once applied, affected computers will be changed to active after FNMS receives the latest inventory file (.ndi) and inventory import runs successfully


This issue (IOJ-2113036) was permanently fixed in FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1. 



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