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An easier workaround to stop FNMEA admin and reporting services.


When executing flexnet stop (./flexnet stop on linux) from the command prompt, a user is sometimes presented with an unrecognized certificate warning :

Unable to connect due to unrecognised server certificate
Subject - CN=DummyCert,OU=AnyCorp,O=AnyCorp,L=Anytown,ST=AnyState,C=US
Issuer - CN=DummyCert, OU=AnyCorp, O=AnyCorp, L=Anytown, ST=AnyState, C=US
Valid From - Mon Oct 17 13:50:40 PDT 2005
Valid To - Sun Jan 15 12:50:40 PST 2006
MD5 : 53:0f:5a:b0:ae:de:41:cb:9a:b3:5e:d5:ca:60:e3:81
SHA1 : 7a:85:11:68:1e:6e:fa:26:ed:4d:e4:4a:50:5c:09:78:7e:e9:c8:fd



An easy workaround to fix this issue is as follows:

1a) On Windows the user may hit [enter] and is presented with the question:
Accept certificate? o, emporarily,

ermenantly :

  1. Set JAVA_HOME to the jre for the admin services, i.e. by editing the file C:\Program Files\FLEXnet\manager\admin\release\jboss\server\bin\jboss-cli.bat
  2. Execute ?flexnet site make? (under program files/flexnet/manager/admin).
    1. Note: this is important as it copies the jboss-cli.bat file to ?Program Files\FLEXnet\manager\admin\site\server\bin\jboss-cli.bat? which is live version that gets used for starting/stopping the services.
  3. Repeat steps 2 & 3 but in the FLEXnet\reporting directory instead and make sure the JAVA_HOME path is to the jre in the reporting directory.

1b) On linux the user cannot interact with the command. The user needs to run ./site/server/bin/ -c shutdown they can then press [enter] which will present the question:
Accept certificate? o, emporarily,

ermenantly :

If T or P is selected the server will shutdown
If P is selected the user won't see this message again and flexnet stop will work properly
If T is selected this message will appear again and the user will have to respond to the challenge again the next time the command is run.

The above is also referred in the Installation document under the topic 'Unrecognized Certificate Message' on page 62.

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