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While Oracle RDS instances hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) don't allow for the FlexNet inventory agent to be installed, you can use the FlexNet inventory beacon to collect data from Oracle RDS instances.

  1. Configure the AWS Connector on the beacon to bring in data from the Oracle RDS instances in your accounts via one of the methods listed in Making AWS Connections. Choose the most suitable method for your business. See Data imported by Amazon connector for instructions on configuring the AWS Connector. 
    • After the data from the AWS Connector is imported, discovered device records will be created for the database instances. These will be used later to configure the beacon to connect directly to the database instances. See Direct Collection of Oracle Inventory for details.
  1. Download and install the appropriate version of the 32-bit Oracle Provider to allow connection of the FlexNet Beacon Engine to the Oracle Database.

TIP: To determine the appropriate driver for your version of Oracle Database, access the OLEDB driver compatibility matrix. To access the OLEDB driver compatibility matrix, visit the following Oracle link: OLEDB driver compatibility matrix.  If you have two or more different Oracle Database servers with different versions of OLEDB drivers, they should be managed by a separate inventory beacon.

  1. Create an entry in the Password Manager on the beacon that will be used to collect inventory from each database instance.
    • Direct inventory collection requires the inventory beacon to connect to the listener requesting access to each database instance. The requests need:
      • Service name
      • Service user account
      • Service password
    • Additionally, the service user account:
      • Must be a member of the OS-specific Oracle DBA group
      • Has at least read-only permissions for all the tables and views needed for collecting Oracle inventory. See Oracle Tables and Views for Oracle Inventory Collection for instructions on configuring tables and views for the Oracle inventory.

password manager.png

  1. Assign the regions hosting the databases to the beacons that will be collecting the inventory.

beacon properties.png

  1. Create a discovery and inventory rule with an Inventory Only action that gathers the Oracle database environment inventory and targets the cloud provider or regions.

create an action.png

create a targer.png

  1. The details are now viewable on the Oracle Instances page after the inventory collection.

More information

To ensure your Oracle provider is adequately installed, see How to check whether the Oracle Provider is installed and registered correctly.

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