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vCenter Discovery Error

We are running into the error "Failed to enumerate domains for windows browser device discovery: The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available". This error appears in the discovery log files of a vCenter we are attempting to scan. Has anyone run into this error and what is the cause of it?

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It looks like discovery is trying to discovery using
Microsoft Computer Browser Service is could not find any device that is causing this as there is, can you try network scan option for discovery to see if that helps to discover VMWare vCenter?



Can you check if from beacon server that you use to discover the vCenters, are they reachable via ping?

Because some time the ICMP protocol is disabled, and then the automatic discovery will fail.


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A lot of the times I'm able to get past vCenter network discovery hang ups by creating or updating these two registry keys - 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Discovery\CurrentVersion

String value / Name: DefaultScanOptions / Data: -PS -sS -sU

String Value / Name: DefaultPingSweepOptions / Data: -PS -sP

If that doesn't work I would just use ESXquery. The only downside to esxquery is that you don't get the detailed license info from the vCenter instances -