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connexion between Flexera/Hive


Can Flexera connect to the Hive infrastructure to retrieve datalike data, is there a procedure for this?

Thank you.



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If yes, can you confirm which SAM server (beacons, inventory server, batch server, web server, sql server) is to be connected to the infra Hive ?

@tallal85 Can you be a bit more specific on your reference to the 'HIVE infrastucture' that you are referencing?

What type of data does this contain that you need to have within FlexNet Manager?

thanks for your reply, my client wants to treats the data on Hive (it is part of the bigdata ecosystem).
he wants to process inventories (server, OS, ip address, etc.)



it's a connection from flexnet to hive.

Does this data source have all of the raw software inventory that FlexNet needs to determine what software is installed?

Creating a Custom Inventory Adapter requires an advanced knowledge of FlexNet Manager and may create a lot of effort to create with little value. 

You are likely better off using the productized inventory adapters and going directly to the inventory source (SCCM, BMC Discovery, BigFix, etc.).  And then supplementing the inventory gaps with the FlexNet Agent.

The principle of this connection is to go from Flexnet to the Hive server, and not the opposite, they want to exploit the data directly on Hive.

And to do that, hive must connect to one of these servers (beacons, inventory server, batch server, web server, sql server) to retrieve the data.



If you have FNMS On-Premises, then the interface would be done from the SQL layer.  Write the SQL to extract the data that is needed and put the extracted data into a Staging Database.  The data in the Staging Database can then be accessed by the Data Lake/Hive for import.

If you have FNMS Cloud, your options are limited as a robust Restful API is not yet available until later in 2020.  You can create a Custom Report and then the results of running this report can be obtained through a legacy SOAP API.

Thank you for your quick reply.