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Windows Server Datacenter - Allocation at Cluster Level..

Current Setup

  • ESXi is the Hypervisor
  • Windows Server Datacenter is the purchased license(VM's do have Windows STD &DC installed)
  • Within the Cluster - there are Hosts with both RedHat and Windows Server OS
  • All Clusters/Hosts have enabled vMotion/DRS/High Availability ..

As per Microsoft rules, the Host needs to be licensed before the VM moves from Host to Host.

Note, mixed Clusters - Windows Server VM can move to RedHat Hosts within the Cluster

Solution - Is it Possible?

  • License the entire Cluster at the Cluster Level, not at the Host level - as all COREs within the Cluster requires a license...?
  • There are Hosts that are empty within the Cluster- which do not consume a license - How can a license be allocated to those empty hosts?
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I guess you could try "permanently" allocating all hosts to your DC license.

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