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Where to find Application's EoS, EoL, Release Date in Report Builder

Hi Folks,

Anyone help here where can I find the application's EoS, EoL, Release Date columns in Report Builder?

We are on FNMS 2021 R1 (On Prem) and SLDP is already enabled.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I am assuming, you're using FNMS on-premises. And I further assume you're talking about the EOL fields in the SoftwareTitle table, like SupportedUntil, ExtendedSupportUntil etc.

You can add missing columns, but it's probably not supported and is quite some work. If you have a test environment, I suggest you test it there first. Here are the steps I used for "Supported until":

1. You'll need to add a ComplianceResourceString because the other steps will need to refer to something. You can use whatever name you like, but I would stick to the existing schema.

INSERT INTO ComplianceResourceString
VALUES ('ComplianceSearchTypeColumn.SupportedUntil')

2. You'll need to to add one or more translations (ResourceStringCultureType) for your new report column. I just did an English one, feel free to add more languages as needed.

INSERT INTO ResourceStringCultureType
VALUES ('ComplianceSearchTypeColumn.SupportedUntil', 'en-US', 'Supported until')

 3. You'll need to add the actual ComplianceSearchTypeColumn.

INSERT INTO ComplianceSearchTypeColumn (
	,4 -- Date
	,8 -- SoftwareTitle

You'll need to repeat the same for the other EOL columns. This is a rather simple example, no joins are made to other tables. While the date filter type is cumbersome in the standard filter (equals), the advanced filter (greater than, less than) makes it useful.

Best regards,


Hi @FarrukhNaz,

I see the same question was also asked here that may be of use to you:
Solved: Cannot find Application's EoS, EoL, Release Date,... in Report Builder - Community (



Thanks @Vmintzikos but our Flexera version is different and the EOS/EOL columns are not there.


What version of FlexNet Manager Suite are you using? The columns on the Installation object noted in the solution in the thread that @Vmintzikos referenced were added in the 2022 R2 release, with a fix for an issue included in the 2023 R1 release. In prior releases, lifecycle date columns for software are only available from the Installed Applications grid.

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@ChrisG We are on FNMS 2021 R1 (On Premises).