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Where's the spinning gear wait animation?

By Anonymous
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Hey guys - I noticed that the spinning gear animation stopped showing up on a lot of pages, for example when running a custom report or deleting a data input connection. Now I have no way of knowing if the server is actually working on whatever request I submitted. Was this an intentional UI design change? 

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This looks like it was not an intentional thing to remove. I will submit a ticket to development to check into this. 

Hey can anyone confirm if it is happening in latest onprem version?

Hey @AbhijeetPai , @WheresThePizza - I just checked my on-prem 2019R2 instance and I'm still seeing the gear animation when waiting for a customer report

Flexera Alumni
Thanks for reporting this Peter. I've narrowed down the issue on the Cloud: The spinning wheel animation only appears now when you perform a create, edit or save action on a web page.