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What is the list of systems/packages/applications supported by FNMS for SAP discovery and inventory?

We are trying to understanding the technicality support of FNMS for SAP as of which systems/applications are supported, what packages are supported out-of-the-box of the SAP module.  Neither the release notes nor online manual provide such information.  Even the online training doesn’t really mention the supported systems/applications/packages.  Anyone have insights on this FNMS SAP "blackbox" would be helpful.  Thanks.

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi @carmencrayon , 

We support the inventory of most if not all NetWeaver applications in both ECC as well as S/4HANA systems. When it comes to packages, we support all the ECC and S/4HANA packages released by SAP and custom packages created by customers in FNM for SAP as well. I can share the list of supported applications and packages offline if you’d like.



Yes, it would be ideal of the list of supported apps/packages/engines is available in the release notes in future releases.