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Veritas Infoscale Enterprise Linux Core/Core Plus

We have two licenses Infoscale Core and Core Plus.

Is there way to limit consumption of Veritas InfoScale Enterprise LINUX Core license accordingly to entitlements and move all the rest of the consumption to Core Plus license?

Core Plus ratio can differ than Core so we can not treat them as one and the same license.

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@GustawL - What business rule would determine if an install of InfoScale should be consumed against your Core entitlement vs your Core Plus entitlement?  In general, I assume that both installs of InfoScale will look the same.  If you have some type of business rule/logic then you can use that to "Allocate" an install of InfoScale to the correct license entitlement for consumption.

Thanks for your answer, let me elaborate a bit.
We have a certain number of licenses for the “Infoscale Core” license that we would like to be consumed first. (with that number in the purchase). Then the rest of consumption we would like to go to the license “Infoscale Core Plus”.
Today the license Infoscale Core consumes more entitlement than we have bought, and some is consumed on the second license (Core Plus).”

@GustawL - Have you set the License Priority on the Infoscale applications?

- Open up the InfoScale application (From Installed Applications or All Applications)

- Go to the Licenses tab

- Drag drop the licenses so that your Infoscale Core license is listed first and your Core Plus is second

- You will need to do that for All Versions of Infoscale for these licenses based on Upgrade and Downgrade rights.

What the above will do is make sure that for each install of InfoScale that your Core license is consumed first, and the Core Plus is consumed next after your entitlements for the Core license are fully consumed.

Hi @kclausen,

Thank you for suggestion. I tried it but no change, there is still negative consumption on first license. All applications Priority changed to Core #1 and Core Plus #2.

What are your Virtualization Use Rights for these licenses?  If they are set to consume against the Host, then if you have multiple VMs under the same host, they will all consume against the same License.

Another option (not the best), would be to Allocate some of your Veritas servers against your Core Plus license to reduce the current over-consumption that you have on the Core license.