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VMware Inventory Ignored Devices


I'm new to using Flexera and this is my first post. Hoping someone could offer me some advice or support please. When I'm looking at our VMware inventory (Inventory / VMware Inventory) I am seeing VM hosts that no longer exist (confirmed disposed by our infra team). They are flagged as ignored in Flexera. Is there another step we need to take within Flexera to tidy this view up please?

Thank you 🙂

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That's correct. Anything which have been retired in your CMDB must be ignore in FNMS. This will help you in keeping quality data & accurate license consumption.


Thanks, but the issue I'm having is even though there are VM hosts flagged as ignored, they are still showing in the VMware Inventory workspace, and I don't want to see them. Can it not just be a representation of the live environment with ignored hosts excluded. I assume the only way to deal with this is to delete the hosts?

Yes. that's correct. Post deletion from all inventory it will delete from Vmware inventory.

What is the problem if ignored host are there as vmware inventory table is just keeping all info for VMware vSphere and vCenter inventory, including license keys nothing else.


Thanks. It just skews the view for me. There is no option to filter the view to exclude the hosts etc that have previously been flagged as ignored. I use this view a lot as it helps give a really good overview including license keys used, capacity etc.