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User Blacklist


I have a customer that uses a ! in there name. I have tried multiple was to exclude them from showing up in the webui.

%!%  %_!%  just putting ! noting is excluding these accounts. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Steve,

Adding "%!%" in the [UserNameBlacklist] table should prevent users having an exclamation mark in their user name from being imported into FNMS.

Here are the boring technical details:

All Active Directory users stored in the the [FNMSInventory].[ADUser] table will be imported by the READER into the [FNMSCompliance].[ImportedUser] table. However, the [FNMSCompliance].[ImportedUser] will be filtered using the [UserNameBlacklist] by the WRITER when data are copied into [FNMSCompliance].[ComplianceUser].

Please note that users that have been imported into the [ComplianceUser] table already will not be removed after the [UserNameBlacklist] table has been updated. You must manually delete these users from [FNMSCompliance].[ComplianceUser], make sure that the [UserNameBlacklist] is updated to prevent further imports of the users having an exclamation mark in their name and then and run a new ComplianceImport.

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