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Upgrade License

Im not quite sure how to the end to end process goes for base license-upgrade license. I know how to to make it appear in the "Processed Purchases". But, does it end there? How about if you will exercise the upgrade, should not the base license be equal to zero? Somewhat confused..

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good morning,

I'm just making a note here of the result of the associated Support Case, in case that's interesting to future users:

I'd always recommend checking out the Online Help in these circumstances - if you select the 'Help' icon in the top-right of the relevant page of the Web UI, you'll usually retrieve some relevant information.

I'm referring to the 2020R1 documentation here, as this is the most recent, but this process will likely be similar across all versions.

In the above, you can see there is a circumstance where we have a non-zero number of entitlements still on our Base License.
If we have a Base License, A, and an Upgrade Purchase, B, partial upgrade is possible.
=> If B has more Entitlements than A, we can upgrade A, generating a new License with the same number of Entitlements as A -- B would still be in Unprocessed Purchases in order to use its entitlements to upgrade another License
=> If A has more Entitlements than B, we can partially upgrade A; we'd still see a number of entitlements on A - the difference between A and B - we'd then end up with a fresh, upgraded License and A with the remaining entitlements

I believe you can flag this as the answer to your forum thread if that's helped you here, if not feel free to let me know.

Kind regards,

Flexera Support