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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

FlexNet Manager Suite Data Elements 

FlexNet Manager Suite uses multiple data elements that are obtained from various sources. Below is a general walkthrough and setup using FlexNet Manager Suite, including the following items:   

  • Introduction of Components 
  • Server Layouts  
  • Recommendations on standing up an environment  
  • Lower-level overview  
  • How files get transferred   
  • What files will transfer   
  • Reconciliation processes
  • Active Directory



  1. Introduction to Components 
  2. Data Flow Considerations  
  3. Data Flow: Architecture Overview
  4. Data Flow: Agent I/O Communication 
  5. Data Flow: Beacon I/O Communication 
  6. Data Flow: Communication to Database
  7. Data Flow: Reconciliation Process
  8. Data Flow: Active Directory Import


General Troubleshooting Information

Logs Used and Descriptions:

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