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System task FlexNet Manager Suite in progress too long


After installing FNMS, in the System Task > FlexNet Manager Suite > Reconcile software licenses is pending as the picture




 Although it is pending, I tried to inventory a device (the task was completed) but the All discovered devices is empty




 What should I do to fix these problems? Thank you so much.

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Good day

Please check the following:

  1. Check that the batchprocess services are running
  2. Check the logs under the batch process log folders for any issues under C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging
  3. Check that the Db connectivity is in place.
  4. You can check the below links for further info:



Hello @IronManMK10 

1. The service is working normally

flex 5.PNG

2. There is no issue in the log at that time

flex 6.PNG

3. Application server and DB still connect to each other

4. I found another information related to beacon, it seems that the file cannot be uploaded to the application server

flex 7.PNG



Does you beacon status show "Awaiting Update"

Hi @IronManMK10 

The beacon status is up to date

flex 10.PNG


flex 11.PNG


Are you running IIS web server? If yes, then your IIS setting are not enabled correctly on the beacon UI. It should be as below.  

Beacon Setting.png

Hi @IronManMK10,

Thank you so much, I've edited the Beacon web server as the picture. But the uploading status of beacon is stuck at ActiveDirectory and Discovery (the BeaconStatus and ActivityStatus are uploaded normally) as the picture

flex 12.PNG

 *Newest pending of Discovery is less then 60 mins because I've rerun the discovery and inventory rule

 And the All Discovered Devices is empty.

Is this problem related to the Data Input > Inventory Data > FlexNet Manager Suite is in progress?