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Servers running Window Server 2016 Not reporting to Flexera Inventory

Installed FlexNet Inventory Agent 14.10.22 onto a server running Windows Server 2016 operating system on March 8th. Beacon Server runs inventory every Weds and Friday but been over a week. Servers mil-nvr-pr01 and pr02 do not appear in inventory. C:\Temp\ManageSoft\Uploader.log file Uploader error is [3/9/2022 9:01:05 AM (G, 0)] {2804} ERROR: No upload servers are configured [3/9/2022 9:01:05 AM (G, 0)] {2804} Uploading finished [3/9/2022 9:01:05 AM (G, 0)] {2804} ************************************************************ [3/9/2022 9:01:05 AM (G, 0)] {2804} Program exited with code 1 [3/9/2022 9:01:05 AM (G, 0)] {2804} ************************************************************ I am able to ping the Beacon server but how can I check if there are network ports being blocked ? Or what else could be the issue ?
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It sounds like your agent install package for Windows did not contain a configured MGSSETUP.INI file to specific a Beacon URL to download the initial policy, which means that the agent has no information about beacons for downloading or uploading.

If you go to the Registry of one of the servers, you can see if a Bootstrap Server was provided in the INI file.


Pinging server not necessary mean that the port is open, also you can have no ping as ICMP is disabled in firewall but port is open.

You can test the port with one of the following:

Telnet beacon name port (if telnet is not there)

Powershell: test-netconnection -port 443 -computername <beacon name>

Portqry from microsoft:

But as @kclausen had said probably you didn't install correctly the agent, I had seen several time this error,  and that was the case.

Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good afternoon usn, thanks for reaching out via the Community!

I'd agree with what Kirk and Adrian are saying here.
You should confirm your agent has a configured Bootstrap server, and that communications through ports 80 or 443 are successful, depending on how your Beacon's configured.

I'd also look at the installation.log in the C:\Windows\Temp location, too.
We should see a policy download occurring after installation, which should populate our list of servers to upload to (the Beacons in our environment).
If that initial download didn't succeed, perhaps that's the cause of our missing upload servers.

Best regards,

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