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Flexera beginner

SQL Server Enterprise installer recognition


I'm wondering if anyone has any issues with Flexera's reporting of the SQL Server Enterprise installer bit that was used?

Microsoft has 2 installer files for SQL Server Enterprise on the VLSC: SQL Server per server and SQL Server core. These are 2 different media unlike SQL Server Standard. Even their hash values are different.

I looked at several NDI files, and the "per core" servers's SKUNAME was identified as Enterprise Edition: Core-based Licensing (64-bit), yet Flexera lumps every installation of SQL Server Enterprise regardless of the media used as SQL Server [version] Enterprise.

Is Flexera unable to differentiate the Enterprise media used even though the NDI file showed the media information is captured? And are we expected to identify which server to allocate "per server" and "core" license, just like what we're doing with SQL Server Standard?

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