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I understand that the minimum version of SCCM supported is 2007. Is it possible to integrate with 2003 at all or will it need to be a custom inventory adapter?




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Hi Pushkar,

I'd suggest there is a good chance it will just work.  FNMS used to support SCCM 2003 back in the olden days (it was supported in 9.2.3) and the same steps are in the inventory procedures today, it's likely to be that Flexera just no longer conducts QA on those old versions so has dropped 2003 from the 'official' supported list documented in the release notes.

Can you give it a try in a test environment?


Hi Murray - Thank you. Yes I do recall that 9.2 worked with SCCM 2003 and I was hoping that something from the time might still be lying around, perhaps in the dusty attic. The database schema changed drastically from 2003 to 2007 hence the concern.

The question originated from a customer saying -  See what you can do integrate with my 2003 instance while we get up and running with the new one. Perhaps I can just say we will try it out as you suggest.

I still have a couple days before I have to turn in my answer so more responses are certainly welcome.

Many thanks.