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SAS Analytics and Miner Desktop licence

How can I configure licence to count 125 Virtual Client Use?

Virtual Client Use - The Software license fee is based on the greater of either (i) the total number of Users (not concurrent) authorized to access the Software via one or more Virtual Machines on the designated operating system during the applicable license period or (ii) the total number of Virtual Machines on which the Software will be installed and available for processing on the designated operating system during the applicable license period (“Virtual Client Use”). A “Virtual Machine” is defined as a virtual environment, running a Windows workstation operating system, that is created within and managed by a centrally located host computer using commercially available virtualization software providing an interface to access the resources of the host computer. Unless otherwise authorized by SAS, each Virtual Machine is limited to a maximum of four (4) virtual processor cores.


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1) just using a licence with metric device will give you the number of installations. Consumption table will give your devices, were you can manually check virtual devices, windows OS & number of cores.

2) if you are looking for an alert about more than 4 cores in your VDI, your can use an ad hoc metric for your license, based on the number of cores of the device, which is giving 1 for 1 to 4 cores and 1 000 000 for 5 cores and more.  May be similar alert is possible for computer (vs VDI) and not windows.