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Publishers post-M&A/divestiture

Seeing the recent announcement about the Veritas/Symantec updates made in FNMS, that has me wondering what best practices folks follow as a broad approach.  In the 8 years we've been running this program, there have been numerous mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of software products - some of which we're really only becoming aware of as we start trying to dig into our Tier 3 application portfolio.  (We're datacenter only, by the way)  Some examples are Dell Software with Quest and KACE, BlueCoat being acquired by Symantec, Brocade going to Broadcom, etc.  Do you all create manual associations with the changing vendor and publisher names, do you ask Flexera content team to build that in the ARL, do you edit legacy purchases?  What is a set of best practices to pursue here?


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