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Processing SPLUNK application purchases with set GB usage

I'm trying to figure out how to put in our SPLUNK Purchases that are for set GB usage.  SPLUNK  Enterprise shows 1 install and the license is based off how many GB used daily.  

Has anyone processed this and how did you do it?

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Apologies.  You will find the Consumed Entitlements field on the Compliance tab of the license.

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You would create a Software License with a metric of "Custom Metric".  On the Identification tab of the license, you would set the metric to Gigabyte from the drop-down list.  Next, you need to find out the current storage consumption from Splunk in GB.  I assume there is some type of Admin Portal that provides this information.

Once you know the current amount of GB Storage from Splunk, open up your Splunk license and on the Consumption tab of the license, manually enter the GB Consumption into the Consumed Entitlement field.

During the next License Reconciliation, FNMS/ITAM will compare the number of GB entitlements that you have "purchased" against the amount of GB storage being consumed, and then set the appropriate compliance status of the license.

On a periodic based, you would need to update the actual GB Storage consumption on your license to make sure that this is kept up to date.

Thank you, this has given me more understanding and gotten me further along.  However, I do not seem to have the Consumed Entitlement field on the Consumption Tab.  I do  have the License type of Custom Metric and Metric set as Gigabyte.  (With Set Compliance status manually checked)

Maybe a reconciliation needs to happen?  But then that doesn't really make sense.  Any ideas?


Apologies.  You will find the Consumed Entitlements field on the Compliance tab of the license.

Sorry I'm still not seeing it.  Kendra

Right above the Blue Bar that says Available Entitlements is the Consumed Entitlements edit box where you can click on the field and type in the Consumption.

Okay, i see it now.  Was looking for a physical "BOX" but see where to input it now.  You have answered all my questions.  Thank you so much!!