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Performing operations at the instance level

Hi Community,

I would like to know if someone has knowledge about performing installations operations at the instance level into FlexNet Manager.

In fact, the current menus operates this at the global installation level, e.g. ignoring installations will apply it to all devices. The “Ignore device” alternative may not be suitable as a device may have to be taken into account for different reasons (for example having other installations to license, or too simply for discovery reasons).

We also need this to assign specific metrics to specific instances/containers.

Does anyone has an idea about how to perform this, please?

Thank you in advance.



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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion
Hello Wael, Ignoring a device is indeed a "global" decision that will take all installations out of any license consumption. Then, you have a more granular way of "ignoring" installations... this is in applying exemption of the computers on licenses. For instance, a cold standby server could be ignored for the Oracle Database Enterprise (and its options licenses), - With an exemption by roles ("Use Right & Rules" tab of the license, exemption by roles) - Individually from the consumption tab of the license - Or from the "Apply Allocations and Exemptions" menu ... and the same server will keep consuming for other applications installed (SQL server for instance). An even more granular way of "ignoring" a component from consuming is at the Oracle Instance level, where, in very specific cases, you can mar an option as "Never Used". Best regards, Nicolas
Nicolas Rousseau
Licensing Architect
Thank you for your reply. Is there a means to make a batch file with such exemptions?

The License Compliance/ Apply Allocations and Exemptions" menu allows to do multi selection of devices (with advanced filtering capabilities, please check the online help from this page), you can do batch exemption from their. At a license level, you can "exempt by role" which is also an automated.

Best regards,


Nicolas Rousseau
Licensing Architect

I you have a business logic, that should be applied regularly, e.g.

  • if device is in domain X, exempt from license Y
  • if device name starts with A, exempt from license B

etc., you may consider creating a business import using the FNMS Business Adapter Studio.