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ORA-01017 error when running agent for Oracle Inventory


I ran agent on Windows Server but the log file is showing the error "ORA-01017"

I used id/pwd correctly as Windows Admin.

Can anyone advise me to run correctly?



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It's urgent and I want to know which id/pwd should be used for login to run oracle inventory on Windows Server?



I'm attaching the logfile.

You should check the tracker.log  for messages around the Oracle discovery and inventory. Those could give you a hint what went wrong.

Did you check if all operational requirements are met as described in the "Operations" section for Windows of documentation ?


Hi, thank you very much.

Can I ask how to run ndtrack as non-localsystem account for Oracle 9i?


@smithlee - The installed agent always runs as local SYSTEM account.  To run NDTRACK as a non-localsystem account for Oracle 9i, you either need to run NDTRACK manually, logged in as an account that is local Administrator, or set up a scheduled task to launch NDTRACK with the proper command line parameters, and the Scheduled Task is then set to run as a non-localsystem account.