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O365 Connector

We are configuring the O365 connector.  When doing so the connector is supposed to create license objects using  MS-Tenant-name Office 365 (Plan XX).  However,  I am seeing other license objects created like DYN365_ENTERPRISE_PLAN1 that is not following the described naming format in the documentation. (  R1 is similar.  I double checked the creation date and the creation user was the same in the history.  Both with similar details stating Microsoft Online Services - ... which then gets renamed automatically by the same process to the mentioned names above.

Is there a simple way to identify the license objects created by the O365 connector that does not include searching through history?  

I would like to make sure i can list each one and validate we are ready to use the metric for EA detail.

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Flexera Alumni

Hello @scott_thornhill,

The data extraction carried out by the M365 adapter is controlled by the Logic.ps1 PowerShell script, available at C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\Microsoft 365 on your beacon server by default.

If you open that file within a text editor, and search for '$Sku', then you will notice that there is a 'local SKU library' within that file.

For each plan SKU pulled from your M365 tenant, one of two things can happen:

1) The SKU is recognised within the '$Sku' local SKU library. In this case, the license will have whichever name is associated to that SKU. For example, SKU "MIDSIZEPACK" will result in a license name of "<M365 Tenant> Office 365 Midsize Business"

2) The SKU is not recognised within the '$Sku' local SKU library. In this case, the license name will take the following format: "<M365 Tenant> <Raw SKU>"

In the scenario you have described, perhaps #2 is happening - is the raw SKU name = "_ENTERPRISE_PLAN1"?

Regarding your second query - if you have access to the Compliance database, you can carry out the following steps to view all licenses directly imported from the O365 connector:

1) Run the following query to obtain the relevant ComplianceConnectionID for the O365 connection:

SELECT * FROM ComplianceConnection

2) Once you have the necessary ComplianceConnectionID, run the following query, again against compliance:

SELECT * FROM ImportedSoftwareLicense WHERE ComplianceConnectionID = <ComplianceConnectionID>

...replacing the placeholder as necessary.

Alternatively, navigate to License Compliance -> All Licenses in the Web UI, and run a search against the Name column for your M365 tenant name - 'DYN365'.



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