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Is this possible on FNMS on prim COGNOS IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 (LTS)

we are trying to achieve the below in FNMS Analytics (IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 (LTS))

FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises
FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1

1. Dynamic Date filter - On one customized dashboard we have "End Of Life" date, which we are using to filter the records; it needs to show any Application which has reached EOL before the current date. The problem is that every day we have to choose the date manually on this filter and set it  to current date. We want to have it dynamically changed to current date when the date changes.   Is this possible on the version of Cognos we are on which is 11.0.13

2 Specific Color in a visualization - Also, we want to select the user defined colors for the data which is represented in the visualization e.g. a bar chart or in a pie chart etc. However, we see limited options that we are able only to decide which color palette to  chose but the dashboard designer/user is unable to define which color from that palette applies to which data. e.g. we want High Risk data to show in Red color, and Medium Risk to show in Orange color. We are not able to choose/specify these colors from the palette.

3. Using the data-items from different Packages in one Dashboard or report. This is also something we are struggling with. 

Our question is- are the above features available in any version of Cognos which is shipped with FNMS if so, please guide. Thank you!

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For very specific Cognos Analytics questions you may be better off searching the Internet or IBM documentation and community. I quickly searched and found a found some hits, but I would encourage forum members with experience in doing this with FNMS to chime in.

  1. Dynamic Date filter - instead of manually adjusting the filter, you may be able to schedule the report to run automatically on a daily basis with the "End Of Life" date filter set to the current date?
  2. Specific Color in a visualization - workaround ideas:
    1. While you may not be able to directly assign specific colors to specific data categories, you can customize the color palette used by the visualization. You could select a palette that contains the colors you desire and reorder them, e.g., colors for high risk and medium risk are at the desired positions in the palette. The visualization should then assign colors to data categories using the colors from the customized palette.
    2. You may also be able to combine this with pre-processing, e.g., if you have a column indicating the risk level (High, Medium, Low), you can create a calculated column that assigns a specific color code or name to each risk level. Then, when you use this modified dataset in Cognos, the visualization will automatically use the specified colors.
    3. You may also be able to use conditional formatting rules based on data values to some extent.
  3. Using the data-items from different Packages in one Dashboard or report - I don't really understand this scenario, but maybe other members will be able to chime in on it.