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Is it possible to differentiate a software installation in a computer

Hello folks, I need some assistance that I believe you can help me. Is FlexNet able to differentiate the software installation in a computer, like, it is a installation using a subscription, network, dongle or single user license?

If it is possible to differentiate can you please give me some directions on how to do it?

Thank you all

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


If there are differences in evidences (installer, files), you might have a chance. If they "look" the same, then for FNMS they are the same.

If the actual recognition cannot tell them apart, you may still be able to enrich your system with additional data, e.g. collected from a 3rd party system or from the file system oor Registry via a script. This info could then be used to allocate specific machines to specific licenses.

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