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Clean Up view "Cloud Service Provider Inventory"


is there a possibilty to clean up the view Cloud Service Provider Inventory?

We want to use the new Amazon aggregator and we are wondering how we can clean up this view.

best regards


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There is currently no documented way to delete the Cloud Service Provider Inventory. You may want to vote on and add any additional comments to Cloud Service Provider Inventory Maintenance options that seems to be requesting such functionality.



Hello John,
it seems like the "cloud service provider inventory"-Panel, is not "up-to-date" / or is "not-cleaned-up" with the actual State from AWS-side. As you Know, many, many Systems within AWS can be deployed, but are also switched off after a short time. So they are somehow registered on AWS but FNMS-Collector does'nt refelected that and FNMS cannot display

The Problem is, that AWS is a dynamical environment. And once a obligartory System was established and delivered and even with a Scan from FNMS-Agent, but the VM got shutdown - those Systems will remain in FNSM, but we're missing the Information about the termination from the current AWS-Connector - collecting and filling our datasets - and automatically will remove Inventories, AWS-Connections for that CI.
So we have to clean-up regularly in FNMS manually.
I hope you understand this.

PS: ImhO there's a lack of maintance and clean-up within FNMS if it comes to collectors like Amazon/Azure and their Systems in regards to life-time-messurements and pending on an existing and reporting FNMS-Agent


Please contact Flexera Support if the integration is not properly reflecting the state of the AWS instances in your environment.