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Inventory Discovery - FNMS on Cloud


I am new to Flexera and trying to do full discovery and inventory from FNMS on Cloud to my local notebook. Please correct me if I'm wrong, here are steps I've done:

1. Install Flexnet Beacons on my notebook (Parent connection succesfull, Password management refer to my windows acc)

2. Configure my ip on FNMS Network  > Subnets

3. Create Targets 

4. Create Actions (Firewall off, port required opened)

5. Create Rules ()

Rules status is Completed, I got my device name on All Discovered Devices

However there is no further information discovered, e.g my OS

Would someone guide me through this?

Thanks in advance

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The All Discovered Devices view only shows the results of the network scan via NMAP, data is very limited.

To see the full scan from the FlexNet Inventory (Hardware and Software), look for your device under Discovery and Inventory > Active Inventory


I still have not my result yet there

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Just trying to understand your requirement, Are you trying to just discover your laptop/device via discovery rules? or you plan to target list of devices(probably unknown) to see if you get them tagged under FNMS?


Yes, I am trying just discover my laptop via discovery rules (is it the right method?) 

I tend to get the hardware info and applications installed on my laptop

So you expect is to see hardware and software details both coming through discovery?

@kclausen @savin_shetty1 

Hi, I managed to get the discovery result, both hardware and inventory data.

I re-check on the beacons installations pre-requisites and re-discover the device.

Thanks for helping


Should I discover my device using my public IP or is it possible using the private one?