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IT Asset Management Administration - Self-Paced lab

Hi there, I recently registered for IT Asset Management Administration - Self-Paced program for a specific date. As per the instructions, a lab instance will be assigned against my name. Just curious to know how I will be notified on how to start, when to start this instance.

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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

The classes and certifications are weekly so we grade and tear down training orgs on Friday to set up for the following week. We will email the instructions and credentials the Friday before the course begins the following week. 

will that be an instructor lead instance ? i don't think so. and I assume that gonna be a "Self paced" instance which i need to complete all the lag exercises as per the manual within that time given. Am I correct?

Correct, no instructor is involved. You can do whatever lab exercises are relevant for you. If you do all the exercises you will receive a class completion certificate. The overall course content is included in the subsequent certification exams. Depending on the class you may have one or two weeks to complete it.

I did not get any further communication regarding this lab instance. I have registered to the slot from Apr 8th 8:00 AM AEST. And for my surprise, I see this course is no more available in Flexera Learning.  Is that going to be a disappointment for me 🙄. when I wrote an email to, it did not reach them. 

Hi @chakra_flexera ,

We've pinged our internal learning team and you should be getting a follow up from them shortly. Thank you for making us aware of the communication gap. 


Hi there, your email was received from your gmail account and responded to on the 4th April. Our email stated that we are unable to offer this course to registrations from public email addresses and could you please respond to the email from your business address for us to complete your registration. According to our records, we didn't receive a response to that email. I've just forwarded it to you again. Check your gmail Junk folder, perhaps?

The course should only be visible to community members who are registered as a Flexera customer or Partner, unfortunately there was a problem with the course configuration that allowed all community members to see it. The issue is being corrected.

I appreciate that this must be frustrating to you, and we're keen to ensure our customers and partners have access to the training materials so they can be as effective with the solutions as possible. For non Customer or Partner community members there are lots of free resources available to you via the community. 

That's interesting that you received a bounce from the email address - we'll check that, too. In the meantime, let's continue this conversation via to see if we can help further.

Hope this helps clarify the situation 🙂