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IBM Cloud Pak - consumption exemption

How consumption exemption is managed in IBM Cloud Pak?
it seems that if on a specific server both "production" and "non-production" release of a product (included in Cloud Pak) are installed, you cannot exclude the consumption just for only one of them, e.g. only the non-prod (introducing as exemption reason "assigned production license" for example)

So if our goal is not "double counting license consumption", we will obtain "under counting".

Which is the possible workaround?

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Are you able to see the production and non-production releases recognised as separate installs on the computer? If so and you are on FNMS 2020 R2, it is only possible to exempt an entire device from a licence. You would need to create a separate licence for the non-production products to manage the consumption properly. If you are on FNMS 2021 R1 or Cloud, it is possible to exempt a device from a specific product using the exemption button on the consumption grid.