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Hi, searched around inside the documentation, but does anyone know how to inventory a Hyper-V cluster and/or Hyper-V hosts?


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Re: Hyper-V

Hi Erwin,

I found the following info in one of my work instructions:

Microsoft Hyper-V Inventory
A Hyper-V server simply is a Windows server with the Hyper-V role installed. Therefore our agent (v8.6 or newer) can be installed to the Hyper-V host to gather hardware and software inventory and the virtualization related information.
Agents installed to the guests will also deliver inventories (HW, SW) and in the end FNMP will work out the relationships between Hyper-V hosts and guests.

I hope this information are helpful in case you use the MD agent in your enviroment.

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Hyper V Hiosts in V9.2

Dear guests,

We are having trouble recognizing Host info of VM runing in HyperV hostserver. Therefore MS and IBM license reporting is very difficult.

In some cases we have al the info needed and are VM's connected with there hosts. Therefore processor licenses are recognized the right way. But in 50% of our HyperV hosts it doesn't recognize it at all.

Does anybody have had these kinds of problems an which solution was used toe solve it ?

We are using FNM V9.2

Laszlo Schmikli
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Re: Hyper-V

Hi Laszlo,

I'm also experiencing the same problem with FNM V9.2, did you manage to resolve this problem and if so would you be so kind as to share the solution with me?

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