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How to restart the beacon engine service after the reboot of Flexera Beacon Server

We are facing the connectivity issue with Flexera PROD Beacon Server


hence we decided to restart the Flexera Beacon Server. However we are still facing the issue with connectivity.

Kindly guide how to restart the beacon engine service after the reboot of Flexera Beacon Server

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Go to services.msc on the Beacon Server and you can restart the Flexnet Beacon engine services.

What do you mean with connectivity issue?


Flexera Beacon Server is not commnuicating i mean

There might not be an issue with the beacon engine. So if a restart doesnt fix the issue there is a problem elsewhere. Best thing to do is upload the beaconengine (C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\BeaconEngine) logs and the uploader log (C:\windows\temp\managesoft) to see if there are any error messages in there in why it is not connecting. 

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Thanks for response. Can you please confirm what should be the destination that the beacon server is trying to connect to? I had request the list of IP addresses or domain names as Flexera moves to AWS..

Please guide where i can get below information.. I know the IP address of our flexera beacon server but no sure about below information .

What is the source IP of traffic?

What is the destination IP of traffic?

What is the protocol? TCP or UDP?

What is the port number?

Please share guide / instructions how to update to update the whitelists to include the new IP ranges/domains needed for AWS as well as the new IAM service.

We need one information  whether the traffic is unidirectional or bidirectional.. please confirm. Thanks.


The beacon always initiates the communication with the application server, if that's your question.


@dparab27  - As highlighted by @JohnSorensenDK, communication is always initiated by the FlexNet Inventory Beacon, and the traffic is bi-directional.

The Beacon initiates communication to the Flexera Cloud using both HTTPS PUT and HTTPS GET over Port 443 with TLS 1.2 encryption level.