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Flexera Table name which holds the socket information details of an inventory device

Hello Team,

There is a requirement to understand what will be table name which will hold the 'Socket' information of a inventory device in FNMS Compliance Database, which will then be used to present the data using webserver to the FNMS UI.

We are using FNMS 2020 R2 on prem solution in our environment.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

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If this is what you are asking for:

2024-02-08 09_07_36-Inventory Device Properties - FlexNet Manager Suite and 4 more pages - Work - Mi.png

it's [NumberOfSockets] column in [ComplianceComputer] table

Hello @ppyrzynski ,

Yes, i was looking for same table and column.

Wanted to one more help, whether Flexera scanner can bring socket information from inventory device to FNMS database server. If yes, please share the documentation on the same. If not, please let me know what command can be run on the inventory device to bring in socket information.

Thanks for the assistance
Kind Regards,

Sachin MS


For completeness, please allow me to refer to the other thread you raised: Socket information from Servers through Flexera Scanners as per your follow-up question above.