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FlereraID vs. Application ID changes


This should be obvious, but I need consolidation.

In FNMS database "SoftwareRecognitionID" equals FlexeraID "MGS-APP-00000000001" and it is bound to SoftwareTitleID "-281".

I assume the following:

- FlexeraID is immutable and will not change (only in some very spesific ARL changes at most?)

- SoftwareTitleID can change, for example first it is boud to application "xyz v4.1" but after changes the ARL is changed and its bound to "xyz v4" to clarifiy the versioning. The old application ID is then erased and replaced with new one?

- "LastRecordUpdated": "according to schema reference: If Last updated datetime by ARL on the software title or evidence records. To know which record this column refers to, see TypeOfID." So in case the softwaretitleID is updated this would show that, but not - assuming Flexera ID is not immutable - the date Flera ID has changed?




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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello @anttimustonen 

The FlexeraID "MGS-APP-00000000001"  can be considered as a global unique ID generated from ARL content library team. Your understanding is correct unless the ARL content team intended update one content from GUID1 to GUID2 which happens a bit this global unique ID charges quite rarely. As global unique identifier , in any customer system , the "MGS-APP-00000000001" will be the title 'Windows Server 2000' etc. 

The SoftwareTitleID can be considered as 'local' ID in your SQL table , depending on the Customer's on premise FNMS Historical as well as ARL version loaded , the SoftwaretitleID = -100 may point to a different title. 

The last question which is bit deep, frankly speaking this 'LastRecordUpdated' column value is used by ARL script update itself instead of that customer often use case will rely on this data value at all (as you know consider a cloud solution customer , this column is totally not visible to the customer).  TypeOfID can be utilized for the type of 'objects' as your understanding is right, 'Softwaretitle', ' Installer Evidence' FileEvidence' etc. 

Best Regards