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FNMS Customer Cannot Login to Dashboard

I have a customer who was able to login to his FNMS portal but cannot today.   He used the password assistance but it is not getting an email back.  He currently does not have access to the Community (but info has been sent) but needs assistance in the meantime.  I think this is an isolated issue for one individual. 





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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
It would be best to email support<at>flexera<dot>com with the customer's email address and the FNMS environment so that the password can be manually reset

Me and 2 other colleagues are having the same issue. The accounts were created properly but the system does not seem to recognize our emails registered and we are not getting an email back whenever we try to use the Forgot Password option, or the Password Finder option. This is an unsolved issue happening since yesterday. Any ideas?

Hi - I see our technical support team is working with you on case #02121257. I'll leave this thread open in case any users can chime in with ideas, too. Best - Katie 

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