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FNMP 2014 Install Instructions

Hello FNMP friends,

Wondering if anyone has successfully installed the new version and how they felt it went?

I am desiring to install a fresh copy of FNMP 2014 on new servers but cannot find the install documentation (2014 version does not exist yet). I'll keep you updated on the progress but wanted to draw from the community for some advice while the support team responds to my query.

1) What's the best install order?
My assumption is (1) DB, then (2) Application, and then (3) Connectors.

2) Database
I assume I need to do the MgsDatabaseCreate.exe for each of the distinct XML scripts but does the order matter?

3) If I record an install and create a guide for this new product would anyone else benefit from it?

4) Does anyone know if you can import the PO entries from FNMP 9.2 to FNMP 2014?

Anyways, I'm going to play around and start this off. Wish me luck...

P.S. Without an Install guide trial and error is my best friend.
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Hello Kris,

I have not installed FNMP 2014 so far, but there seems to be an article on how to install FNMP Suite 2014:

Maybe you can share some of your installation experience with us.
The FNMS 2014 environment is working, but I was wondering some things:

Is it so that the Schedules, Managed Device Settings and Policies are not that extensive anymore? If I compare the schedules and Managed device settings inside FNMP 9.2, it has a lot more options and configurations. For example: we have a lot of customers where we divide the schedules and managed device settings for servers and workstations. Is this still possible inside the FNMS 2014 environment? Within the Discovery and Inventory you can use Settings, but the options are very limited.

Is there a new concept for getting inventory? I mean is the old concept withe the Managed Device Settings and Schedules getting retired?

Where is the up to date documentation? The documentation I downloaded is based on the 9.2 version. We really need docs based on the 2014 version, especially the installation and configuration docs. Can we download it somewhere?

Where are the Reports stored?

Do we still need the Reporting Services installed?

These are my remarks...for now 🙂


Hi all, tried the install documentation and it seems to be working. If you follow the steps and the order of the steps. At this moment I'm performing the ARL and PURL update. Have to wait till that is finished, before I can use the FNMS system.

Thanks for the document, it has been a great help.