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FNMEA port 51219, 51220

Anyone know if FNMEA 2021 R1 would be using ports 51219 and/or 51220?

Network scanning tool is picking up ssl3 traffic over those ports and FNMEA is the only thing running on that machine.

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Did the network scanning tool provide any insight on from/to which other devices communicate with the FNMEA server through these ports?

(I'm sure I'm asking a really stupid question 😟 but... did you configure FNMEA with its default port configurations or which ports did you configure it for?)


No, the tool did not provide that detail.  I am using the default ports on our instance of FNMEA.

By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good afternoon ATD, I hope you're well?

From a little research, I don't think we've specifically assigned this port.
"The range 49152–65535 (215 + 214 to 216 − 1) contains dynamic or private ports that cannot be registered with IANA"

While this doesn't rule out the FNMEA Agent reporting through that port or not, it does imply these likely wouldn't be documented.

I'll ask a colleague of mine more familiar with the FNMEA product to provide some confirmation here.

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