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FNMEA Agent 5.7 to 5.9

  • Could not connect to the agent. Check that the agent is running and listening on the specified host and port.
    • This is only happening to one server...The other eight servers upgraded just fine w/out any issues.
    • We've restored a recent backup (5.7) and everything works fine...When we try the upgrade again, we get the same "connection" error...
    • The Agent has been removed and then reinstated, but the same thing happens again...
    • We can get the Agent to "run," it shows it's "running," but when you do a "refresh" it shows that it's not "running" after the upgrade...However, when it's using 5.7, there's no problem...
      • The install that I used for 5.9 is the same one I used on the other eight servers, and they all work just fine...
      • Servers are running Windows 2021 R2 with FNMEA 2021 SP2...
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I can see that you're working with support on this issue. Please share its resolution with the community if you think that other forum members would benefit from it.


Roger that...will do!