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Experience sharing with using ServiceNow inventory for IBM/Oracle license management

Want to have a feel of quality of ServiceNow Inventory for FNMS to calculate Oracle / IBM licenses.  Customer already has ServiceNow inventory deployed, they are wondering what if we use ServiceNow inventory instead of Flexera inventory (which is not yet deployed) for FNMS to calculate licensing.  I think in general desktop apps shouldn't be a problem, but what about NON-PVU IBM licenses (I understand PVU requires 30 mins interval scanning) and generic oracle licenses?   Thanks. 



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Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Both publishers applications are heavily deployed in virtualised environments (Solaris zones including zones, KVM, IBM lPar, HPUX nPar etc) and required accurate inventory data to find CPU/Core/Threads resources assigned to at each lever in the hierarchy (host/physical/virtual pools and virtual machines) in addition to finding software evidence as inventory of some applications is challenging. Please do check if ServiceNow inventory agent has rich inventory capability? Will be nice if you can share coverage of ServiceNow inventory collection and any gaps.
2nd important thing is ServiceNow adapter to import RAW inventory data (does not exist) from ServiceNow.
Hope this help.

I'm not sure about Oracle, but in order to have the IBM data accepted by IBM you will need to use the Flexera agent. That's what the IBM folks told us when we switched from ILMT to Flexera for IBM. You would need to check with IBM to verify if they accept Flexera data using ServiceNow inventory.

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.

The IBM acceptance is ONLY for PVU licenses, to my understanding, it does not include other license types.  So as for IBM acceptance this will be under the category of PVU licenses requiring Flexera Agent or IBM agent (i.e. ILMT server) inventory.  That part is clear to me.  I guess I am more interested in the field's experience on the quality of Oracle process/NUP, IBM INSTALLATION inventory.  For example, if I can use ServiceNow to identify the IBM installs, then it is a clue to which IBM installs requires Flexera agent.  For example, if Oracle inventory from SN is good enough, then we can just focus on deploying agents on IBM applications with PVU license requirements.  Do understand that in the server estate, typically customer prefers less agent/inventory scans from different vendors.