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Detecting Oracle Timesten In-Memory Database as an Option

Hi all,
I want to know how to detect Timesten In-Memory Database as an option or standalone through Oracle Inventory?

Following Q&A was from Oracle Website.
2. Can Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database be used as an in-memory cache to the Oracle database?
Yes, this is the Oracle database option 'Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache'. This database option includes the TimesTen In-Memory Database, and caching technologies to enable TimesTen to be deployed as an in-memory cache database with automatic data synchronization between TimesTen and the Oracle database.
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The following response was given through a support case:

FNMS is unable to detect the usage of TimesTen. FNMS detects the usage of options by using Oracle LMS script which was given by Oracle, but the script from Oracle doesn't have queries to get usage information for TimesTen.