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Custom SCCM import for FNMS 2018 R1

Hello Experts,

I only need to import couple laptops' installations and users from SCCM database. But I got all laptops although the reader file was modified.

This is what I did:

1. Added the computer names that I want to import in the where clause below (line 626) in computer.xml reader file.

2. Replace the computer.xml file in  ...ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\SMS

3. Restart the beacon engine and create the connection.

Is there anything I missed or did wrong?



   LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM AS vgcs ON vgcs.ResourceID = c.MachineID
   LEFT OUTER JOIN v_R_System AS vrs ON vrs.ResourceID = c.MachineID
   Where c.name0 IN (’NUSZ28829408‘,’NUSZ28829386‘,’NUSZ28822094‘,’NUSZ28829363‘,’NUSZ28829388‘,’NUSZ28829389’)
   ORDER BY MachineID, InventoryDate DESC



Thanks a lot!

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By Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion


Depending on what was done before, you might have to force an update of the data here and there. Reason is that the Reader and Writer normally only collect deltas from what was imported the last time.

Which reader step did you change? You should be looking for "Build relevant computer list", because this one defines what is going to be imported in the rest of the reader.

Best regards,


Edit: Typo

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

A few thoughts:

  • I think from your description that you are editing the ReadComputerNames reader. There are different versions of this reader that apply to different SCCM versions. I suspect you may have edited the version that applies to very old versions of SCCM/SMS (VersionBefore="5.0"); the version of the reader with VersionFrom="5.0" is the one that will almost certainly apply to you.
  • With that said, editing this reader will not limit which computers get imported; it will only limit which computers have name property values imported. BuildRelevantComputerList is the reader which determines which computers will be imported.
  • If unwanted computers have already been imported then you will have to find some way to delete them: now that the records have been created, they won't naturally get deleted until/unless the underlying computer records in the SCCM database are deleted. You could try deleting the whole inventory connection and recreating it, or manually deleting inventory device records through the All Inventory Devices page in the UI.
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