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Can FlexNet Agents be installed on a separate Web, Batch and Inventory Server?

Good day

Just confirming if the FlexNet Agent can be installed on Web, Batch and Inventory Servers?




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Hi Manish,

Yes. Typically, you would use the Flexera agent that is integrated into the FNMS Beacon installer.

After completing the installation of the Beacon on the target server, you can stop (and disable) the "FlexNet Beacon Engine" Windows service. Leave the two Windows services that belong to the Flexera Agent running:

  • Flexera Inventory Manager managed device vXXX
  • Flexera Inventory Manager security service

You will have to manually trigger the configuration of the Flexera agent on these computers by downloading the Agent Policy. Use the "mgsPolicy" tool from an elevated command window with the "DownloadRootURL" parameter, like in:


mgsPolicy -t machine -o DownloadRootURL=https://<your-beacon>/ManageSoftDL


As an alternative, use a scheduled Windows task for running the Flexera Windows agent (ndtrack.exe) with command line parameters.

In this scenario, you don't have to install the agent, just copy the the \\<Beacon>\mgsRET$\Inventory folder to a local drive on your FNMS application servers.


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Just to be sure, the standalone agent installer (MSI) would usually break FNMS server components (overwriting registry values). Unless this has been fixed lately, DO NOT install the full FNMS agent on a core server (web, processing) or Beacon.

As mentioned by Erwin, the server components usually come with an agent. It might just not be active by default.

Best regards,



Can we install full flexnet agent on web, batch and inventory servers if we running FNMS 2020R2 on prem solution ?


Rajesh Ponnala

Hi Rajesh,

I remember there were discussions to fix this, but I am not sure this if something has actually been done. I would still NOT install the FNMS agent on any FNMS server.

Best regards,